Ukraine’s Easter record has been set!

On April 8, Lviv residents set a Ukrainian record – decorating and laying out 1,000 strips in the shape of a trident in 25 minutes.

The initiators of this initiative were the NGO “Neskoreni” with the support of the Lviv Regional Military Administration and the Lviv Regional Council.

Coordinated work showed a real result! In 25 minutes and 17 seconds, 1,000 beehives were decorated with glaze, blue and yellow sprinkles and ribbons and laid out in the shape of the trident, a symbol of Ukraine.

Hanna Krysyuk, general director of the Book of World Records, recorded the national achievement and congratulated the record holders.

She thanked all the participants and organizers of the event for their initiative and unity.

Some of the record belts will be given to the military on the front lines, and all others will be given away for donations. The withdrawn funds will be directed to drones for 125 ground defense brigades within the framework of the “1000 drones for Ukraine” project.

It is nice to realize that all initiatives within the framework of the Book of World Records are aimed at the victory of our country!