The world Easter record has been set!

On April 16, 2023, a world record was set in the city of Schwerin, Germany.

The result of the Easter record is a chain of Ukrainians and Germans in the shape of an Easter egg of 684 people!

The initiators of the event were Oksana Schoorlemmer, the founder of Nord Haus UA e.V. , with the involvement of the Ukrainian-German cultural center “Sich”.

This achievement united Ukrainians abroad around Ukrainian traditions and holidays.

The event was attended by Martina Traut, head of the department for work with youth, social sphere and medicine in the city of Schwerin.

Volodymyr Kupchak congratulated the record holders on their incredible results and presented them with a diploma.

We thank the initiators, organizers and participants for a wonderful initiative. This proved once again that Ukrainians are a strong nation. Even hundreds of kilometers from the country, they showed that we are unique and unique!