The Volunteers planted more than 5,000,000 trees in one day in 100 countries

Today, on World Earth Day, the organizers of the global environmental project “Greening of the Planet” announced the results of the Action “1 million trees in 1 day in 100 countries”, which took place on April 10.

According to the organizers, 2,145,493 people representing 110 countries took part in the Action: 1,586,449 of them were participants from Ukraine, and 559,044 were participants from other countries. In total, 5,544,679 trees were planted in one day of the Action: 4,124,590 in Ukraine and 1,420,089 around the world. There were 184 tree species planted in total.

Ukraine, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belarus, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Indonesia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Kuwait and Singapore are among the leading countries that had the largest number of volunteers and organized a mass planting of trees. The largest number of 5-year-old trees planted in Ukraine were in the following regions: Vinnytsia (80,193 units), Rivne (32,831 units), Chernihiv (12,480 units), Sumy (8,956 units) and Zhytomyr (8,674 units).

Thus, this is the largest mass planting of trees in one day in 110 countries. These results were documented by the representatives of the national project “Book of Records of Ukraine” as a record of Ukraine and “Book World Records” as a world record: category “Mass events”, “For the first time”. The initiators of the project, Serhii Haidaichuk and Hanna Krysiuk, international partners, co-organizers and coordinators of the project in Ukraine and abroad were awarded with the diplomas as record holders.

The planting of over 3 million trees in Ukraine was possible due to the participation and support from the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine, headed by Yurii Bolokhovets.

The initiator of the action “Greening of the Planet”, the president of the international women’s business club “Business Woman Club”, Hanna Krysyuk said that this achievement is the result of hard work of many active eco-conscious people in business, public sector and government at all levels: that we managed to plant more than 5 million trees in 110 countries during the campaign, once again convinces us that the topics of ecology and nature restoration are still relevant – people are glad and enthusiastic to support eco-initiatives and promote them around the world.

The co-organizer of the initiative and president of the largest business club of Ukraine “CEO Club Ukraine”, Serhii Haidaichuk commended business partners for supporting the eco-initiative: “Uniting around the topic of eco-business shows that we are changing our mindsets and the socially  responsible business becomes global. This is very satisfying, because it is a good example of successful cooperation of responsible business.

A total of 138 countries joined the Greening of the Planet project in April, initiated by the Greening of Ukraine Charitable Foundation. More than 10 million trees have been planted by volunteers, business and government officials.