The largest loaf of more than 100 ingredients

The event was dedicated to the defenders of Ukraine. In particular, they organized fundraising for the purchase of cars for the military in the framework of the project “1000 Cars of Freedom”.

The event took place at the opening of the restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine “Na Chasi”. The concept of the institution is to consolidate young people, their involvement in the development of the country’s economy, familiarization with modern Ukrainian cuisine and consumption of fast healthy food.

The social component of the Na Chasi restaurant is to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by organizing fundraising events for the 1000 Cars of Freedom project. Support for small business.

The event was attended by many distinguished guests not only from Ukraine, but also from Romania, including Andriy Dyachenko, Head of Chervonohrad District State Administration, Alex Hrechanyuk, President of the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations, Lubomyr Sopilnyk, Advisor to the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration on Youth Policy, Iryna Poletukha, Advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Anna Lyubyma, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The record was recorded by the Director General of the World Record Book Hanna Krysiuk, who stressed: “The initiative of young people is very significant today, young people are very progressive and set the right example. It is nice that at the end of this record, two cars were handed over together by the owners, friends and partners of the Na Chasi institution within the framework of the “1000 Cars of Freedom” project.”