The first record in 2023!

On January 12, a record of Ukraine was set – running a distance of 2.5 kilometers barefoot in the snow at an air temperature of -10 ° only in shorts within the framework of our own educational course “How to harden easily and quickly in 4 steps”.

The initiator was Bohdan Borovskyi – entrepreneur, athlete, coach, founder of the NGO “Federation of Health”.

Back on January 12, 2022, Mr. Bohdan set this record, initiated it after the founding of his own project “How to easily and quickly learn to harden in 4 steps”.

The record was recorded by the executive director of the World Record Book Yana Konok.

The value and importance of hardening is very important, because it is health. This is the strength of each of us!

Therefore, we thank the record holder for such activity and position in Ukraine and the world. It helps people to become stronger and healthier.

More to come!