Taras Shevchenko became a world record holder as he has the number of monuments commemorating him

On the birthday of the great Kobzar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared a special gift for him, by officially setting a world record for the number of monuments in honor of the famous artist, erected in Ukraine and abroad.

During the year, the Foreign Ministry had been collecting data on the number of monuments along with state regional administrations, Ukrainian embassies, and Ukrainian communities abroad.

Thanks to their efforts, the Book of Records of Ukraine and the Book World Records have managed to register 1,167 monuments commemorating Taras Shevchenko around the world. 99 of them are in 44 foreign countries and 1,068 are in Ukraine.

“We wanted to make Taras Shevchenko a world record holder and emphasize that Ukraine is the place where we live, where we speak our language, remember our history and profess our values. Ukraine is the land of Shevchenko. He is in our hearts, in monuments, as he is a symbol of the struggle for freedom, human rights and independence, “said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at the world record ceremony.

The award was presented by Hanna Krysiuk, Director General of the National Book of Records of Ukraine project and Serhii Haidaichuk, President of the CEO of Club Ukraine.