“Book World Records” has representatives in 33 countries. Project officials have the right to register world records on behalf of the Book World Records: to conduct internal and external examination, to estimate the quality of the record, to verify it and to reward its holders with valuable gifts in the host country.

The international project “Book World Records” is constantly developing activities and is open for cooperation! We invite everyone to join the project as official representatives!

Criteria, that candidates have to meet in order to become the international representatives of the Book World Records:

  • Comply with the philosophy of the Book of World Records;
  • Provide the financial and technical assistance needed to conduct an examination in both international languages and the language of the host country;
  • Promote the development of the Book World Records project in the host country.
  • Promote the project through the information field of the host country;
  • Be a national record holder, or have the status of the “world record holder”.

International representatives of the «Book World Records»