Mass record setting in dumpling modeling

On November 6, at 17:00, a mass record setting in dumpling making will take place in ten countries of the world.

First of all, the social initiative “Varenykotherapy” aims to popularize Ukrainian traditions and to send a record number of dumplings as a humanitarian mission to the east of the country.

Another important point is to raise funds for food packages for temporarily displaced persons and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have already accumulated 24,000 such sets. By December, it is necessary to prepare another 5,000 to help those who need them as much as possible.

The event is initiated by the Cultural Association “Vantagem Erudita” and co-organized by the International Headquarters to Assist Ukrainians (IHUA).

Representatives of business, public, media and government will take part in the record setting. They will consolidate their joint efforts and make a record number of dumplings live.