LUKAS TM created the biggest brittle candy in the world


The presentation of the world’s largest brittle candy “Sharzan” made by TM LUKAS took place live on the gala concert “Ukraine got talent” on «STB» TV channel. According to the examination, the product has set both Ukrainian and world record. This achievement is officially registered by the national project “Book of Records of Ukraine” and “Book World Records”.

Official documented results: candy length – 2.01 meters; candy width – 0.75 meters; candy height – 0.65 meters; weight of candy – 1 ton. The record-breaking Sharzan candy equals about 66,000 standard-sized candies.

Hanna Krysiuk, the official representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine and the Book World Records, congratulated the new record holders and awarded the representative of the Lucas confectionery company, Marketing Director Lyudmila Botalova with diplomas for setting both Ukrainian and world record.