A Ukrainian record has been set!

On May 9, 2023, a record was set in Kyiv for the largest number of participants who mastered the mine safety online course “Look at your feet! Watch where you’re going!”

The result of the achievement was 529,141 participants who completed the course!

And this is a record for Ukraine!

Its initiators were the Eastern Europe Fund and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

“The topic of mine safety is extremely important for Ukrainians and will be relevant for many years to come, because the enemy has abundantly sown our territories with mines. Very often civilians suffer and die from mines. Many people, including children, have already died as a result of the detonation of explosive devices in Ukraine. I hope that thanks to this course, as many Ukrainians as possible will learn about important rules that will save their lives,” said the president of the Eastern Europe Foundation, Viktor Lyakh.

Yana Konyok, executive director of the Book of World Records, congratulated the record holders. She emphasized the importance of such measures, because today it is necessary for our society. The relevance of the course was confirmed by a large number of participants. This cannot help but please. She also thanked the initiators for such a powerful work done and a lightning-fast result.

Course “Look under your feet! Watch where you’re going!” provided for short informative lessons conducted by the musician, leader of the TNMK band, soldier of the volunteer battalion “Revansh” Oleg “Fagot” Mykhailouta.

The training made it clear everything you need to know about explosive objects and how to deal with them in case of a dangerous situation.

We thank the record holders, organizers and participants. This record definitely deserves attention, because it carries great value for our lives and for the future of Ukraine. You are incredible!