7027 dumplings per hour – the world record is set!

The recorded results of setting a world record for consolidation of Ukrainians and fundraising for the project “Food Kits for Ukrainians” are as follows:

  • 17 countries of the world;
  • 7027 dumplings per hour, in total – 10 341;
  • 268 participants.

The achievement was recorded by the Director General of the Guinness Book of World Records Hanna Krysiuk.

Igor Dulin, the Head of the NGO “DobroDiy” and Anna Voronova, the initiator of the record in dumpling modeling (Portugal, Vila do Conde), addressed the record holders with congratulatory and motivating words.

Recall that the social initiative “Varenykotherapy” was aimed to popularize Ukrainian traditions and to send a record number of dumplings as a humanitarian mission to the east of the country.

The event was initiated by the Cultural Association “Vantagem Erudita” and co-organized by the INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE HEADQUARTERS FOR UKRAINIANS.

Lviv bakery “Vash Lavash” became the central location for making varenyky. We thank Igor Dulin for the organization.

The idea of “Varenykotherapy” united not only Ukrainians, but also the whole world, which shows the power of unity and motivation for new achievements!